April 12, 2015

Ingo Swann & Remote Viewing

Basic, interesting and useful presentation of Thomas McNear on "The Creative Mind of Ingo Swann: Artist and Father of Remote Viewing".

March 29, 2015

Precursor of a subjective communication event

It was just a simple case of a subjective communication - with some precognition. Let me tell you this story in a few words. It happened a week ago, in the morning, when I felt I should contact one of my kind acquaintance by an email or a phone call. I began to think about the way how I ought to tell him what I want, how, etc. Later I broke off the thinking about it because I had other things to be done. The next day I got this feeling again, I should contact my acquaintance about this particular topic I wanted to tell him. I did it: I sent him an email right away about our common stuff.

In the afternoon of the next day he called me and we had a talk about much more things. Just before the end of our conversation he started to laugh and told me: yesterday he had a Silva Method-session to send me a message via the subjective communication technique.
I answered: I got it, as I wrote him an email, these mental processes are working properly, flawlessly. No problem.

It was a positive feedback on this field, we both were happy (win-win, see below).
Simple affair, isn't it?

What happened more? I need to tell: a precognitive signal has arrived into my consciousness ("alerting" to a likely arriving message) long before the getting of the subjective communication: I was aware of this mental event (was sent to me) BEFORE this all has happened!

So, what is this subjective communication anyway? This is a mental technique, developed by José Silva for The Silva Method. A compeer mental communication between (mainly) persons. On the other way: subjective communication gently encourages a (remote) person or group of people to do things your way in a mutual win-win manner.

Since when, my story been happening, I figured out what was this precog in my consciousness before the mental encouraging: we both had a common win-win goal to achieve in this negotiated thing.
Simply: win-win.

These mental processes are working flawlessly. Get connected!
(If you don't know what is SC: 1, 2)

March 24, 2015

Daily excitement: inverted look

I had a few days off, so I decided to ask for some target from Daz's TargetMonkey.

Attention! This post contains spoiler of a TargetMonkey's target!

Is it an object or a place? An object on a particular place, man-made structure.
This is a (major) part of a building.
Significant presence of stone, concrete, wood.
There is water nearby, not seawater, primarily cold water.
The target can't be seen entirely.

-- a short break for being amazed: a sculpture of what? A weird precog' of what? It's a building for sure, but strangely a bit. No words to this all, maybe "house, set on its head" (head-stand, inverted). Two paths.

Not too old, the age is between 50-60 year, symbol of a working process.
Colors: green, light blue, greyish, grey, tree-brown.
"End of the World" feeling from a distance.
Old "corn-grinder" feeling, the essential part is situated below the great whole.

And this is my drawing of the target (don't forget: I'm not a drawing artist).

This is a building, undoubtedly, a strange element of a landscape. There are two visible path runs towards this weird house or sculpture (mixture of a big house and a sculpture).
A perspective look from one side, right hand-side and rear parts of the structure can't be seen.

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(It was a very interesting target, thank you Daz!)