March 12, 2015

Area 51, an everyday view

Last Sunday I saw the cover of a 12 year old magazine (it is about "true reports of strange and unknown") with a headline on it: "Area 51 - Remote viewers report". Unfortunately, I can't read this magazine online or offline, I've just seen this title on it. But a good idea crossed my mind: what if I had a short viewing of what happens in this enigmatic area nowadays. Let me come out with this.

What has happened there recently, regarding these point of views:
- in general,
- technical development,
- alternative development,
- link to Hungary,
- typical device or machine in the Area,
- some tiny, beloved, everyday phenomenon around, in the nature.
Let's see.

It was a two way examination, two viewers had their viewing, same time but separated from each other. This post is a note about their view.

In general: layered (parted) working style. Everyone is working in his field individually (separated) for some common goal, but they haven't got the knowledge what is the final goal. Understanding only a subtask or a partly set target. Diverse processes, all manner of development, some of those are in the attitude "a broken watch is right two times a day" (I beg your pardon).

Technical development: taking care for some mock-up of flying devices, primarily for their hardware, not the software. The work passes inside of a huge hangar, but these devices are much smaller ("a fly in a dome"). Artificial insects and minor birds built from a dark (black) weightless, metallic material. Specific trait: when they have any malfunction during live action, they have immediately begin to annihilate themselves (fall apart and crumble). More than drones (remote waves).
This is a low budget development.

Alternative development: group of engineers and doctors working on a particular issue of so called "bilocation". Their task is to examine how to take over some material during a bilocation. This is also a manned and unmanned experiment in one. The manned part of this subtask uses up (confidential part of the note)... several latino men.

General link to Hungary: yes, at least an engineer with Hungarian roots, named M. (full name here). Others realize the ideas of some Hungarian engineers here.

Typical device or machine in the Area: found an appliance that manufactures "white energy". The energy arises between two opposite parts of cog wheels. Either part of this facility is fixed in/on the ground, another part of it moves slowly, as inertia lets it move. It has a thud-like sound. A special field arises between them, the white energy here comes to begin.
I don't know the name of this device, but there must be a word for what it is...
(Don't forget: I am not a drawing artist!)

AOL came with this tag: a secondary "Perpetuum mobile invention".
This isn't a mainstream development, considered as an old-fashioned something.

Tiny, beloved phenomenon around: mini tornados (whirlwind) with about 5-10 cm diameter and 20-30 cm height. Cute thing. 

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