February 25, 2013

Remote viewing mental images

The topic of this short session was a unique experiment today: to perceive mental images (different things) in a virtual safe box. This method forces a way to the sending mental messages to whoever it concerns (or ICE, etc.). 
Conditions: an adequate and safe space to place/store the mental information (stored by the inducer, the person who creates the mental data). 
A signal for the perceiver indicating it’s time to perceive the information in the “safe box”. From this period on, the inductor doesn't think about this mental composition. 
A common understanding about that there is a “virtual safe box” and it has a content. 
The whole project is like the process of sending an email in real life.

If we talk about a remote viewing session, this could be a blind session for the viewer.
Let's look at our session using this method. I (the inducer) created a mental composition consisting of these mental objects: many mellow prunes in a glass bowl which has a neck and a base.

The contents were put into the virtual box. When I was ready, I sent a real email message to the perceiver: Start the process.

The perceiver got these information from the flow: 
Partly artificial (produced) structure, with surface in the air. Ribbed spine, coral-like patterns running similarly, as a skeleton from above. Segmented tray in the air but connected to the ground. It is like a building. Ivory white light, its contrast breaks within. On concentric surface there are spherical things, closed frame, oval, having a really important center-core. Hard-shell. When it moves (falling down), it goes directly ahead, in strict line. Taste/savor, purple. 

This experiment is judged "fairly good" by us. The essence of this session was not to read the inducer’s brain (that's why we need a virtual box and a time difference), but to gain access to a virtual safe place that holds certain information.
If you've ever seen a glass bowl (with neck and base) and prunes, now you can easily imagine them together: the prunes on the bowl. Have a look on the target elements (there isn't total target feedback, because it was a mentally created image):

February 12, 2013

Vysotsky remote viewed

Vysotsky and the circumstances of his death - remote viewed by a pair of RV Hungary. This monitored session is about the Russian singer, musician, actor, and poet Vladimir Vysotsky and his enigmatic death. This session was done blind. Only the monitor had previous information about the target, the viewer had none. 
It can be read in Hungarian language here >>