August 19, 2009

Before the state holiday

20th of August is St. Stephen's day - and public holiday in Hungary. We celebrate the foundation of the modern Hungarian state and the blessing of the new bread too. On this occassion there is a ceremonial session about the Holy Crown of Hungary. It was a blind session, I got just a simple code with "describe the target" note. Viewed last summer [2008] by me.

A brief session result:
Ideogram: draw of an oval-circle.
Consistence: solid, consist of wide range of natural materials. Dense consistency, three-dimensional.
Shape: semi-circular from the front, oval-circular from top view. Pyramid-forms. Aerials.
Perceptions when touch: scaly, rough surfaces, non-continous. Cut shapes, reliefs, arches, rectangular and plane surfaces. Traces of chemicals.
Dimension: much smaller as a man. They can hold it in the hand or above. Attire.
Smells: no smells.
Colors: metallic colors, bright and shine. Red and blue a bit.
Environment: protected from something, generally there's no life around it. Seems like an object in an exhibition or museum. Manmade structures in the background, related to the protection.
Utilization/purpose: estimated object, institutional, relic, memory. Just like ancient underwater objects, significant but no longer used. Patina. A human being is insignificant when compared.
What language is spoken around it: came a Sun and Moon draw flash, symbols of an ancient Hungarian province.
AOL: a device to rule. Coming home from the far.

Cleared draw of the target of this session:

The Holy Crown itself / the target's photo:

More about the Crown: Details | Picture gallery.

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Ed said...

Great session! Keep it going.