March 9, 2015

Back to life

I've decided to revivify and carry on this weblog with stuff about my rv experiences (me and RV Hungary). There are a lot of interesting issues about rv practices, continuing projects and it would be a pity not to write about them. Some of the confidential examinations will be described, but concealed - for the sake of simplicity. I have many interesting experiences in this field and I don't want to mix them up with all my other topics on my personal website (literature, writings on local history, etc.).

Last Sunday I saw the cover of a 12 year old magazine (it is about "true reports of strange and unknown") with a headline on it: "Area 51 - Remote viewers report". Unfortunately, I can't read this magazine online or offline, I've just seen this title on it. But a good idea crossed my mind: what if I had a short viewing of what happens in this enigmatic area nowadays.
The next post will be about this viewing.

If somebody has this issue of Fate Magazine (June 2003), could s/he please send me the content of this article. Thanks!

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