April 5, 2013

Morning practice RV

Morning practice RV
Attention! This post contains spoiler for a TargetMonkey's target!
When I didn't know the object of this sample session, I wanted to title my post "Just for fun". So later I changed my mind, knowing the content of this target. It started as a simple practice in the early morning.
Let's see the circumstances: I asked for a random target from TargetMonkey, but I didn't open the letter before I solved the task. That is the why I didn't write more details about the tasking part "describe the _event_ as it unfolds in detail" - the feedback document begins with this (this document contains the tasking line as well).
Without the tasking it was a simple "describe the target" session for me. Had I describe? (Note please, I'm not a drawing artist!)

Viewer: hunviewer
Starts here: 4.4.2013. 5.20 a.m.
Ideogram: A specific part of the ideogram is in the centre (inside the square). The square sign is just for attention-capturing, it wasn't on the original ideogram.

Artificial thing, not on its ordinary surface. A monotone image, terrain, with many of the same (recurring) samples.
Most characteristic circumstances of the target (image) are: - dynamism >> elan ("impetus") by a machine - upwards and downwards direction during the move - upwards warm air.
Hot object in very cold circumstances (AOL: "cold sea"). - tiny toggle particle - artificial cold, froze - parts/flakes of (frozen) water - significant temperature difference - chemical reaction.
Environment: many small "pyramids" (natural) in dense rows.

Session ends at 5:52 a.m.

The result of the viewing (don't forget: I'm not a drawing artist!) tm_7771_9996 

...and the target was...


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Red Cairo said...

Fun! I love the idea of posting your daily sessions on a blog!